A chave simples para presidente Bolsonaro Unveiled

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Las turbulencias gubernamentales, las denuncias do corrupción y el agravamiento de la recesión pusieron al presidente Michel Temer en una encrucijada difícil por superar.

Electoral democracies experiencing extreme levels of non-combat violence and economic inequality have received increasing scholarly attention, but the empirical, theoretical and methodological aspe cts of this emerging research focus continue to need clarity. What does the coexistence of democracy and insecurity of many kinds mean for journalists? How important are societal violence and economic insecurity in relation to other challenges facing journalists? What roles do journalists and news media play in fomenting or restraining physical and economic insecurity?

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El Tribunal Supremo ha confirmado la absolución de Destes acusados por estafa al intentar alquilar y alienar la escultura de Salvador Dalí titulada ‘Dios solar emergiendo por las aguas...

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I began my interview with Carvalho by asking him to explain his intellectual evolution, half-expecting to hear names like Buckley or Ronald Reagan. But instead, he embarked on a long monologue about the “death of high culture” in Brazil beginning in the 1960s, which he blamed mostly on the left and particularly the Workers’ Party of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who was president from 2003 to 2010. Indeed, Carvalho’s popularity may be derived less from what he supports, and more from what he opposes.

El presidente del GDN CGPJ, aupado al puesto por Rajoy, partidario por disparar el visto bueno a Delgado como fiscal general

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Los dos líderes se centraron en el aumento por la prosperidad económica, el fortalecimiento por la democracia y la promoción de la paz y la seguridad.

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